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Amanda Baez lives in Mesa, Arizona, with her husband and two young sons. She has studied photography in the past at the East Valley Institute of Technology, and has taken various art classes throughout the Phoenix valley. The vast majority of her learning has occurred through individually driven exploration.  

"I enjoy all sorts of creative expression, but recently I have been especially inspired by paper arts and alternative photography. I use a variety of techniques in my artwork. Most start with a cyanotype exposure of some sort. I enjoy the connection to nature that is employed in that process. Not only are natural elements being used, like dried plants I've collected myself, but it relies on the sun (something familiar to all life on earth!) From there some of my works incorporate collage elements, some include drawing in ink or pencil, or painting in oil paints. Still others have elements of digital art or traditional photography incorporated. Although I often have a lose idea in mind, I almost never know exactly what the final work will look like as I'm working on it. Often it takes an unexpected turn at some point! For me, that's what I enjoy most: seeing where the process goes, and letting the final piece speak whatever it will to each individual viewer." -Amanda

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